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Welcome to Urinalytics, your smart toilet. Urinalytics toilets provide a quick health check based on your urine and can email you the result.

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Once you scan QR Code, you'll be requested to enter email ID and activate your account.

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As you urinates, Urinalytics records test data and upload your data on our server and send instant email it to your email address.

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You can access your all previous urine test results of kidney and bladder anytime anywhere from our website.

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One can acess the detailed analysis of urine on email and directed to set of possibilities like visiting nearest health clinics, traditional medicines and practices on a small one-off cost.

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About Us

We are a young Healthcare Technology Startup registered as Urinalytics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. incubated at IIT Kanpur and IIT Patna driven by Research & Development with a deep commitment to reduce the number of preventable deaths due to undiagnosed diseases through a revolution in rapid urine testing. Our start-up came into realization upon being selected on a global platform from amongst thousands of applications by Young Sustainable Impact, Norway. As part of the larger agenda of the competition organized we were hand picked to focus on the third sustainable development goal which concerns itself with health and well being. Our goal at Urinalytics is unwavering attention to affordable technology that can be feasible for and accessible to people from all strata of the population. We are the winner of SMC Master Class IIT Patna. Our startup has been identified by Google Cloud Platform and Google had extended its support in the form of services and subscription for a year.

Our solution is a range of plug and play device that can be fitted into any type urinals and toilets where peopl e can urinate and get their health record on their email by paying a small one-off-cost. The service doesn’t stop at the sample analysis delivered to the user. It provides an entire array of options like visiting nearby local health clinics/pharmacies/pathology labs to increase early diagnosis of lifestyle diseases. Urinalytics service is an all-encompassing platform for metabolic health.

The device is fitted with various kind of sensors capable of measuring physical, chemical and biological properties of urine. Device also sense for large protein molecules, and bio-markers for chronic kidney disease. While the team at Urinalytics is currently focused on lifestyle diseases and such, given the growing incidence of cancer lately a part of our resources have been dedicated to the study of biomarkers in urine for the same.

We sympathize with everyone who has to bear the brunt of these diseases and are committed to do our part in research and implementation of healthcare technology that will make a real difference.

Get Personalized Health Records!

Once urine test is completed, you will receive an email with a pretext into your Kidney and Bladder health results. You can read, print and use this test record to show to your Doctor. If you want to know more results then you will be require to pay extra. You can also track results via your online account that will be created after first test.

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Social Impact

Many non-communicable lifestyle diseases do not show noticeable symptoms in early stated of development, most changes being gradual, thereby going undetected for a crucial period of time. When such diseases reveal their treatment and management can become a costly affair. Thus ejecting poor and vulnerable groups from within the locus of patients who can receive relebant treatment.
Moreover the burden of disease can hamper the physical and economic productivity of a person which when left unchecked can assume the form of a downward spiral of their socio-economic status. We hope to put forward a technological solution that can help curb this grave social injustice.

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