Nikky Kumar Jha

An Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Environmentalist, Author, Social Entrepreneur, Innovator with superior project management skills and a diverse technical background in cost-effective alternatives to existing electrical and electronics product also committed for innovation and entrepreneurship. Expertise in Renewable energy especially solar energy, Medical Electronics, Internet of Things, Deep Learning. He obtained a Master’s in Ecology and Environmental Studies from the Nalanda University.

Vipasha Bhardwaj

Vipasha Bhardwaj holds a Master of Science in Ecology and Environment Studies from Nalanda University. She has worked with synthetic biology analyzing how the emerging technology can be of use in the realization of different sustainable development goals and is keen to explore its effects in healthcare. She aims to work within the core Urinalytics team to bridge the existing gap between the availability of efficient detection systems for kidney disorders and other lifestyle diseases for the general masses.

Our Advisors

AT Kishore